Monday, October 17, 2011

Postcards, Mail and Paper Dolls.

We had a wonderfully tropical stormy weekend so I sat in my little sunroom and wondered what I could do with paper dolls. I love them!! Had them as a kid, Barbie of course. On a school trip to Sydney years ago I came across one of those arcades full of odd shops and one was selling vintage books, etc. Inside there was a whole display of vintage paper dolls. Well they left Barbie for dead!!! The one of Hollywood's Golden Era greats were the most amazing. Ava Gardner and Vivien Leigh from Gone with the Wind where among my favourites. So I Googled once again and found many different types that were published within magazines. I put them all together and made a scruffy little box to store them in. French label on the box because there are so many of them on the net!!

Here are some mail that I promised a little while back. The postcards you cut out and just fold in half. The envelopes have been left with a lot of space around to allow you to cut the back part that you fold over. Before I cut them all out I give them a dirty wash with raw umber paint to add the age effect. The print sealed first or it all runs! The photo of the 'rocket' envelope below is how to cut them out. I use a glue stick, love them. Pinched from my eldest desk. :0)

I'm off now to make another scruffy box for my mail. I have more lovely french labels and another storm is on it's way!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Teacups and Saucers

I had bought a mob of these ages ago but it was only just this afternoon I worked out what to do with them. They were so much fun to do. I will be putting them up in my Etsy shop tonight.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baskets and Mail

I had a go at some mini mail this weekend. I was blessed to find double sided vintage postcards on the net. I will put some up at a later date. Already had a selection of some lovely old photos. Found some vintage letters and envelopes as well. Gave it all a dirty wash after it was printed to scunge it up. Working out how envelopes fold got me thinking. They need a better box but this little printie one will do for now. I have some exquisite mini mail from Looking Glass Miniatures. Jennifer's work is amazing. But they are too good to be stuffed in a tacky old box that sits in a grotty old cupboard. They will be sitting elegantly in a gold letter holder on the antique sideboard downstairs, fitting for such mini stationery finery. This lot of mine will be in that tacky box in the grotty cupboard in the upstairs attic bedroom.

This isn't the basket I had in mind for my mini sewing kit. This was much easier and I kind of just made it up as I went along. The brain was working in this direction and who am I to stop a fully functioning brain!! I didn't use fabric for the liner just printed out a small pattern on paper.

The weather is insanely warm today. Here in far north Queensland we don't do winter. We have a prolonged warm Spring which is our Winter and then bam on October the temperature goes up by about 8 degrees or so into the thirties. Then all summer we sit in our air conditioned abodes while we wait for a cyclone or two and put everything up on bricks. The Big Wet! That lasts for four to five months. It's just gone over very uncomfortable and fans are now on the highest setting which is devasting for mini work. I'll try again this evening.

Good day to you all!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

More Book Covers.

A big thank you for all my new followers and more big thank yous for the lovely comments!!

I was recently reminded that I was going to put up some more book covers. I had forgotten. Thanks to Shannon for the reminder at http://shannonsminiblog.blogspot.com/
Here are some more. Just click on the image to make it larger, save and adjust the size to suit. If it doesn't work as blogland is having pictue problems, I will persist!! I have soooo many book covers. I am making a French style townhouse with a Harry Potter type slant for my niece. There will be a bookshop on the ground floor. It will need a lot of books. Guess what Rebekah will be doing in the next school holidays!!

Ha fixed it. I have learnt with computers that the best way to fix a problem is to do the least logical thing and it will work. Well it did. I just put the picture in a different place in my post. Victory!!!