Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Bit of a Georgian Manor.

Good day!! Life does what it does and got in the way (many times!!) so it has taken me sooo much longer than I had anticipated to get back to this project. Much argh over the colour of the door but the deep red won out. Thankfully I was able to pull out the top pin holding the door in place and take it out to paint it, that made it a lot easier. I also used the same colour to dye the white roses I had. I am selling this one and it will be in my shop. To stage it I used furniture from my other houses. La Luce and Thatcham. Although the kitchen walls are just screaming out for shelves filled with preserves and tins and all other such wonderful cluttery stuff. 

Took a bit of hunting to find some willow for the rose vine. Did find some eventually, I had to pull a wreath apart to get to it. For the leaves I used a rose leaf punch on green tissue. To stop it from getting caught in the punch I cut several layers at a time. I didn't separate them but sometimes the top would part a little and gives a wonderful floaty leaf look. Added little new shoot buds on some of the branches. I had a stack of white paper roses so I dyed them in the same colour as the door. I watered the paint down and dipped them in. Hung them to dry. Squished some of them to make them look like they have almost finished flowering. 

The kitchen is not large but a lot can be done with it. I'm not a huge fan of large kitchens, ( in real life as well, long as there is a dishwasher!)  means more stuff to fill it!!

Thank you for looking and be well!!!

Hooroo, Carriexxx