Monday, December 16, 2013

The Old Laurels

A hoy hoy!! Another post already argh!! I gave myself the weekend off, which really isn't much when house still full of kids and a functioning phone but I donned it in spirit. I dragged this project out, left the dust (soo moody) and got to work. This will be for my mum and dad. So far it is called The Old Laurels. No pun intended really. Yeah I'm giving another house away. I love making them and I have seriously no where to put them. My RL house is teeny too. So off it will go!!! Amazing isn't when you restart a project and you come across something and you go 'what on earth was I thinking?' or better yet 'where was that going to go?' I had no lights for the top floor for starters. I have no idea why!! So in they went. Amazing how you can find places to run wires with the use of a drill. Not much precision required thankfully. But then of course one decided to fail once it was all done. Sob. Out it came and replaced with another. No joy like doing a light test and have them all work. Happy dance. The blue cooker I made some time ago. I don't know where I found the patience to do that. Must have been a fit of madness. The house kit has been seriously bashed. The front porch gone. A roof over the larger bay window will go in. One of the interior downstairs walls gone. Upstairs I have added walls as it is really hard to position furniture up against a sloping roof. So there are now three little rooms. One very teeny with a fireplace. I didn't take any photos of the upstairs set up. Remiss. Note to self for next time!! Stairs added. I adventured with darker timber treatment this time and used a whiter grout for the walls. Thought it would be a clearer canvas for a more vibrant pallette of colours for furnishing etc. Like the bright red floral upstairs bedroom. Love it!!! Couldn't sleep with it in RL. I would be ill I think. That's what makes minis so good yeah?!! Must be off, kidletts need feeding, they will start gnawing on chair legs soon enough. 

Be safe, be well and be Merry Happy Christmas!!!

Be happy mini!!xxx

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Merry Christmas from Down Under


It is summer so hot with a side of really hot is on the menu!! I would love a cold Chrissie!!! Just once! So anyways I have the air conditioner on to work on my latest project which is fighting back currently through one light not working!! Of course it waited till everything was all glued in place. I have 'fiddled' with everything I can think of and it still won't work. So today will be spent pulling it out and replacing it.

But yesterday afternoon I pulled myself away from it and took my boys to the Water Park on the beach. It is just after 6pm. Sun is almost down behind Castle Hill. Best time to be out and most Villians (Townsville folk) usually are. It is still very warm about 31'C but the sea breeze makes it bearable. It stays on till 9pm with a Lifeguard to keep it safe. Best summer fun!!

This is where we will be spending just over a week. Ah a cabin on the beach!! What a way to bring in the new year!!! Just a couple of hours drive away. I haven't been up there since Cyclone Yasi but a beach is a beach. I am soooo looking forward to it. A cruise around the islands to might be in order to I think. 

I'll send you some sunshine! Carriexx