Friday, September 26, 2014

Some Kitchen Progress

 Hello everyone!! I hope this finds you well!!!

I have been making some real progress (despite it being school holidays, miracle!!) and took a few photos while the light was good this afternoon. I have been working on the kitchen mostly. Such a small space but kitchens are so full to brimming with goodies and a wonderful way of including so much colour and interest. Years ago I tackled making my own mini food. I got one of Angie Scarrs books and dived right on in. I went nuts and made a lot of things, bread and veg mostly. I do love making bread..... but anyways over the years my stash had dwindled somewhat. All my peaches were gone. I have no memory of ever giving them away but alas they are no longer here. So I found all my fimo and the weird things I had used as tools and thought for sure they would be yick by now but no!!! After four years they were all still good and my hands were strong enough from making 10,000+ plates that I didn't need the pasta machine to soften it. BONUS!! Which is so really good as I have no idea where the thing is now. Gah don't you hate that about moving!! I don't know where my sewing machine is either. ??? So peaches adorn my cheap shop divided box once again. Along with a mountain of spuds, eggs, carrots, zucchini, apples, pears, parsnips and of course a loaf of bread. Love  making bread. I also now had some Scenic Water to make jams and preserves. Love Scenic Water, so very easy to use and not messy. So now there are jars full of things suspended in liquid. I resisted the urge to put a teeny eyeball in with the pickled onions. I did say it was school holidays and my boys are starting to affect me. Kitchen is looking better already. There are some brilliant tuts on YouTube so I also had a go at some puddings and pies. Bikkies and muffins and things shall be tackled on the weekend!! Every Aussie house needs lamo (lamingtons) and some Iced Vovos! But anyhoos here are some photos I took this arvo between watering the yard and getting dinner sorted. Dinner never sorts itself out despite me having waited years for it to do so. Lazy dinner.

My mate Sue from MiniCrochetMad made me the teeny crocheted pot holder hanging of the stove knob. Her work always amazes me. I have a lovely tea cosy she made as well that I was going to photograph but thought better of it. Red and black colouring, chalk dust mess, teeny delicate pretty thing...chances of them touching remote but possible. So it has stayed in it's little container till I clean it all up.

BREAD! I know, it a thing. It there on the butchers block. I had to make a strange tall loaf as there isn't much bench space and there must be bread!

The vase of sunny flowers I bought from Minicler on Etsy. I think they are just perfect for this room

Tis all for now. Real life kitchen now needs to be cleaned up. That doesn't happen on it's own either and I have given it as much time as dinner sorting. 

Hoo roo!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Old Laurels Sitting Room

Good evening. I am nearly finished with this room. I will let is sit for a while and see what it needs. But I have put up a few photos anyway. Sorry for the quality. This room is so small that only my Iphone could fit in there.

Looking in from the kitchen. Sewing box to be filled next.

Secretaire desk full of treasures and everyday paraphernalia. Every draw is filled. If there is a draw I have to have it full of something. Took me the better part of two days to fill this and the dresser. Note to self: next less time less drawers.

Maps!! I have a love for maps. Comes from watching my dad pour over them before every trip we ever went on. I do it now when ever we are about to hit the road. GPS doesn't always work!

The shells I collected from the beaches here in Townsville. Spending one lazy afternoon sitting on the beach I discovered drifts of the tiniest shells. Some are barely 3mm across and are perfect! It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. My parents favourite books stacked on top. Hardy Boys mysteries and The Picture of Dorain Gray. The Hobbit is lying around somewhere.

Everything is glued into place. As this house will be making a journey of 1500km when it is finished I felt that maybe it would be a good idea to glue it all down. I made the fountain pen by sanding down a tooth pick. For the metal nib I just used the soft foil from a spent tea light. For the blotter pad I just used a black sharpie to fill in a bought laser cut doily.

Ah there's The Hobbit!! Along with The Bobsy Twins.

This beautiful lady will hang in the main room. The dresser is for another project. Tapping into more of my European roots for my next project which is well on it's way.

Thanks for dropping by!!! Be safe and well in all that you do!!