Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Little Vignette

Good evening all. I hope this finds you well. Been working on a few little projects. They are easier to fit in between crazy stuff that we refer to as life. One being little frenchified vignette. My favorite wallpaper again, mostly because it was what I had on hand. I still hate waiting for mail. Oh to live in a town with a miniature shop!! I have been chipping away at a much bigger project that I am trying in vain to finish, argh. I hope to have pics of it's progress up soon as well.
All of my favourtie goodies inside.

 Window was $1.52 on ebay, I bought a box of them!! Such good value.

 Walls are just covered using a very fine spacfilla (not sure of spelling) and paint is a test tube you buy for a few dollars at a hardware store. I like thrifty.

This is the Coventry I have been working on. A lot of walls put in upstairs. I am up to shingling the roof. I have never done that before so tally-ho into the fray of "what am I doing!!!" once again. Must buy shingles first, that would help I think. Any suggestions, tips, advice and warnings will be warmly received!!!

Bye for now and be well!! Carriexx