Saturday, August 23, 2014

Old Laurel Bedroom.

Good day all. I hope this post finds you well!

It has been a goodly while since I have posted. Real life stuff got very busy. Had a house move. Big house move. Won't be doing that again anytime soon but my new house is just lovely and so worth the effort. Crisp white vj walls, french doors, tall ceilings and casement windows for sea breezes. Nearly a 100 years old. But all the modern things that matter as well. A huge back garden that is already full of newly planted trees and shrubs. Grow, grow, grow please!! This glorious pink beauty of a tree is out the front of my house. These trees line many streets in Townsville, flowering in mid winter after loosing all their leaves. Just beautiful. I have found some time for myself and been working on the Old Laurels. Thought of focusing on one room and not a general rabble of all over that I usually do. The attic room still needs those final small touches but it is a good start. So here are a couple of pictures of so far.

I made the bed using electrical plastic covered wire, florists wire, brass stampings and card. Painted it all black. It sags in the middle which I just love. I had a bed like that when I was at university. My back would ache so much but it was such a pretty bed!! The bike ride to lectures in the frosty morning air usually fixed it though. Other parts of me would hurt more ha!!

The beautiful pillows are from Celeste at TheLittleQuiltShoppe. I am allergic to sewing, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!! Ha, I think all my years of sewing to save money in those early mothering years has turned me off sewing somewhat.

The wonderful perfume bottles and vanity tray with delicate goodies are from Elizabeth at StudioEMinis. They are really lovely and I always just love how Elizabeth can execute so much character into something so small. Soon as I saw the tray and items I knew it would be just perfect for this dresser in this house and it is .

I couldn't find any fabric that suited what I wanted for dressing the bed so I printed them all. It really is easier and I don't have to venture out into the crazy that is called traffic either. You can't quite make it out in these photos and I will take more at a later date but on the bed folded is a quilt from Diane at ShabbyMiniQuilts. Her work really is amazing and I just love it. For the window treatment I used a 1/24 window laser cut pelmet and laces from my old stash. I love the tatted work. I found it in a box of vintage laces I bought from a flea market years ago. Reminds me of my grandmother. The rugs I printed out as well. Wicker baskets and slippers I made yonks ago as well. I need to make more and I think I have forgotten how to.

Tis all for now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and be well in all that you do!