Saturday, November 12, 2016

Vieilles Pierres.

G'day!! Gee been a while since I posted last. Hasn't this year flown by!! 

Finished up 'Vielles Pierres' (french for old stones) this weekend. Rather chuffed how it turned out. Especially seeing it was supposed to be an English carriage house!! Ha!! Ended up being from somewhere closer to the equator and why not. It's much warmer. I am selling this one through my Etsy shop. I made it small so not as much space is needed to display it. I used battery lights as well so no need for a power point and no power cords to hide and not trip over. It is 57cm high, 27cm wide and 38cm deep. 

Click above to follow a link to my Etsy page.

Be well!! Carriexx