Thursday, January 15, 2015

Good day and a Happy New Year to you all!!!

I did some more refurbishing to the Livre before it started it's long journey south. I have added a couple of pics. I added more colour and clutter. Some pies, cakes and puddings I had made. Chopping boards and recipe cards. Kitchens are great, there is so much you can add.

 I added a pot filler tap over the range. I just used a bought tap, two small eyelets and the plastic tubing from a cotton bub. Glued it all together before painting black and then grey. To hold it in place I just made a teeny hole where I wanted it and then just pushed a skinny nail through the back wall and into the plastic ear bud tube. It fitted so snug it didn't need gluing. There is also a roll of foil. Again some more ear bud plastic and real foil just wrapped around it and a little bit of glue to hold it.

I hope 2015 has started well for you. Health and happiness to you and yours!!