Friday, November 18, 2011

Little House Nearly Completed.

I haven't had much time to work on my little house. This time of year is mad! But I took a few pictures and thought I would post them. I had a go at making a basket. It's a scruffy one but so is my RL one. My little house is slowly filling up. Just need to work on the garden and outside area and it's nearly done. Don't look at the blue tack holding the rolling pin in place will you. Every time I needed to move the house (it's on an old computer desk of the kids, it has castor's) there would be this horrible noise of all the little things carefully arranged falling. At one stage the kitchen looked like it had been ransacked!! Double sided tape in tiny pieces and blue tack fixed that. The table set with goodies for a yummy afternoon tea. The tea cosy was an Ebay find. The bullion roses are so small and the colours are delicious. Some of Jennifer's mail from Looking glass Miniatures on the sideboard. The letter holder is just a brass finding bent to shape. I had smashed the hurricane lamp part of this light. A pandora bead fits over the top nicely and gives a lovely glow when it is on. I will never recover a wing chair again. EVER!! It was awful to do and I don't like the messyness but the print is now more to scale. I used double sided tape to make the cushions and they are stuffed with glass beads to make them floppy. This is looking through the bay window. The sideboard still needs to be filled with 'stuff'. Plans for the next house are all sketched out and supplies are en route!! How excitement!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Linen, Lace and Corsets.

I finally finished the bed. I gave up trying to figure out what I wanted and just went with what I had. I really don't like sewing so everything is held together with strips of double sided tape. I used hemming tape for the laces. The pillows are stuffed with loo paper. I found I could get them to squish a bit better that way. I didn't want fluffy pillows. The reason I become so spurred onto to finish the bed was so that I could show of the beautiful corsets from Marlie. I have become a huge fan. Her work is amazingly neat and so fine!! Bows so tiny and porcelain flowers!!! The matching briefs were a wonderful surprise!!

Click to find Marlies Etsy shop.

How to do slippers evaded me for such a long time. Came to me very quickly one afternoon and I was left wondering why I was having so much trouble in the first place. Over thinking the culprit yet again. Does it every time. Cut a sole shape out of some pretty paper. I reduced samples of wallpaper in Photoshop and printed them out. A small square of lace glued to the underside of the toe area. About an inch, a small inch did it. When it has dried bring the lace up and over. Before this gets glued look to see where you can trim away lace to reduce bulk. Glue underneath again to form the upper sole area. I used felt as the bottom sole. It hides my really poor attempts as cutting a neat curve. Teeny bows on top. I went a bit nuts and made a heap of them.

A few more things to add. Cluttering stuff really. An antiqued stool for a bedside table is up to it's fourth layer of colouring for maximum chippy, scuffed oldness. Thatcham is nearly finished and I am already planning my next project!!