Monday, February 27, 2017

Little Lumiere House

    Good day everyone!

Having survived the Furnace of Hell that was our summer I have another house finished! Temperature records were broken in my little town not once but three times. We had a weeks worth of days well over 40'C, that's nuts!! Our highest temp being a heat index of 60'C!!! I stepped outside briefly from my comfortable temp set house to experience such extremes and I instantly desiccated. I had thought such temps were possible only if you were perched on a camel in the desert. Now just two weeks later it is cold with leaves falling of trees already and I'm looking for my long sleeves. After having spent the entire school summer holidays inside with the ac it is nice to throw open the windows and get outside though! The weather is definitely broken. 

I received a bit of interest after my first house which was very nice. If only I could make them faster! It is a very dark, wet day here along the Waterfall Way and so it was hard to get good clear photos. I made this house out of gatorboard which was a bit hard to find here in Australia and also not cheap!!! Ply and cardboard for the roof. I used a Jamestown fireplace on the lower floor. Added bits to it and it worked out better than I thought it would. It does have a red bulb inside it. I used electric lights this time and they can all be replaced if need be. I haven't glued any of the wiring into place. The lamp in the attic space can be lengthened or shortened. I've never had to replace a light before but there is always a first time for everything. I had a lamppost among my lighting stash and had to use it. I added creeping ivy to the outside walls and a vintage french advertising poster. All worn and shabby. I found an image of vintage carpet and loved the rich colours in it. So I used it in the attic space and painted the fire place there a red marble finish. Feels good to finish a project, for a variety of reasons but mostly so I can start another one!!! Off to spend an entire soggy afternoon on Pinterest!!!!

It is a little bit bigger than Vieilles.

Have a great day and be well!!!