Saturday, June 8, 2013

Winter Clean Up

Hidey ho all!! I hope this finds you well. 

 It is trying, very badly I must add to be winter here. It is thus far failing. A warm afternoon with house still wide open and thinking of putting on a fan. Yes a fan. I do hanker for wild and woolly weather that can only be met with Chocolate Puddings and nights in front of the TV with a Good British murder mystery or period drama. But I filled my tepid afternoon with a bit of house cleaning. The mini variety not the full blown house version!!! Long weekend her in Oz and I plan to do traditionally nothing at all. No a mini clean up. So with my trusty soft brush I dusted out the Little Thatched Cottage. I really must get myself moving and make way to get an acrylic cover for it. I had a quote some time ago and while I won't have to sell my car to pay for it, it will still dent the humble bank account. But it is worth it I think. The tropics aren't the best place to preserve, well anything really. Here are some photos anyways, while it is still dustless and I haven't moved it back to it's resting spot in my lounge and all the bits fall off no matter what I use to stick em down.

I finally got the toadstools in the garden. Nikkie Rowe made these and the fantastic little snail is from Hummingbird Miniatures.

Hoo roo for now and be well!!