Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tuscany in a Book

I was sooo frustrated in projects taking sooo long to complete (mostly due to the time it takes for mail to be delivered,  Aussie is a big country but dollhouse wares are not readily available and are cheaper to buy from overseas, that takes weeks!!) where was I? Yes, that I marched into my mini mess room and declared 'enough'!! Determined was I to do something that showed the fruit of my labours and choice use of frustrated language that I wasn't leaving till I had produced a something!! A finished something!!! Children you know how to use a microwave!! Mummy ain't coming out till there is the sound of 'wohoo I've done something!!'. The universe had heard me for as I walked into a favourite craft haunt I saw something I had given up on ever finding. A stash of those paper mache book box things. So wonderful for doing vignettes and the such. I had searched the proverbial high and low for months for something like this. When ever I was able to tackle down a staff member of any shop and enquire about such book box things I was always greeted with the bewildered look that one receives when speaking in another language. But I grabbed a few of these recycled paper beauties and took off home!! After going through my pile of placcy boxes of mini stash looking for doors and windows I was again agog at how much I had collected over the years. And still in all that Aladdin's Cave of miniature treasure I did not have door handles. ??? So I had to buy them online and am waiting the two-four weeks it will take for them to get here. Groan. But anyhoos here are some pics of my little bit of Tuscany. I have found all my Pascale Garnier kits while scrummaging amongst other things and will make this a conservatory of sorts. Wall fountain and the such. I have a battery wall light coming as well. They are so wonderful!! No wiring, ahhhh. Race is on to see which one will be here first, handles or light.

I placed a window in the back to allow more natural light to filter though.
The wonderful table was made by Susi at MiniEden Tienda on Etsy.

Cheers from the Eternally Sunny Land Down Under and be well!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Small Bit of Work Done

I got to finish a few more little things this week. I thought I would add a couple of photos. The suitcase and the pretty box on top of the cupboard I got from Susi at MiniEdenTienda on Etsy. I have only the bottom book store floor left to do on the townhouse. Then the fun of filling it full of lovely little things!! The French Revolution doll is called Genvieve. My boys wanted to know why she was wearing a pirate hat. They got a bit of a history lesson but still thought the idea of her being a pirate princess was far more interesting!! Be well!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Little Bit of This.

I have had a little bit of spare time while I have been waiting for stock to fill orders. I did that awful thing we have to do at least once a year, clean up my work room. Groan. Then I went through my stash of goodies. Furniture to be exact. I had very much forgotten how much I had accumulated over the years. Yikes. Anyways out came the paint stripper and I had some fun. Here's a few things I did over the weekend. I have listed all of them in my shop on Etsy. Wish it was this easy to make over RL furniture.
I adore this last painting. I don't know who it is done by unfortunately. Anyways back to it. I have a bed waiting to have it's corners and edges sanded. Then I'll have to go and buy more goodies!! There's space, albeit a little one, in my room now!!! My room will cave in from the vacuum!!!! Blessing to you all!!!!   Carriex