Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Attic Bedroom

The attic bedroom is complete. Yay, happy dance!! I was just waiting for the pillows and top sheet from Celeste from TheLittleQuiltShoppe on Etsy. They are so lovely and so beautifully well made. Thank you Celeste!!!

The little box of tiny pretty stationary paper I bought from Jan as MinisbyJan on Etsy.

These beautiful Marie Antoinette slippers and ballet slippers are from Dominique at humptydumptyhouse. They come in little tissue lined boxes. They are so wonderful and I am giving serious consideration to start collecting them. She has so many lovely styles and colours.

 This beautiful dress was made by Kathie, kathiecrisan on Etsy. It is so very delicate. It drapes beautifully over the bed. 

The pink Victorian folder of fashion plates on the floor I received from Monbio. I really need to take some more pictures!

 The cute little bear was made by LugArtPetite. The collection of gorgeous cushions are from Gillian at Jily'slittlegifts. 

The faux hallway has a light in it. The hat and matching clutch purse which has fallen down in this photo are from JustForYou on Etsy. The black and coffee striped boxes are from Manuella at Scarletts45. 

The bed spread is a vintage ladies handkerchief  the embroidery and lace are just perfect. It is too big of course but there was no way I was going to take scissors to it. So the extra is just artfully stuffed down the side. The bed I made using Lea Frisoni's idea from her book. I went for a more simpler traditional cast iron look. Mostly because it was easier!! I put castors on it but it's a little hard to see. 

I think I have given mention to all the wonderfully talented artists I have bought from. If I have missed you let me know and I'll remedy it!!!Everything else though was bought and made, up scaled, bashed, painted, stained and had things done to it by me.

Be well! Carriexx.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Dressing Room Makeover.

I thought I would post some more photos of the Maison de Livres. The idea of this room is that it was a dressing room off the washroom but it is now a study. I have been in many old buildings, mostly Victorian, and I love seeing how they have been modified over the years. I love trying to spot the changes that have been made. My own little house had this strange little cupboard out on the back verandah. Also found some yellow tiles in the garden below. Some thinking soon made me realise that they were footprints left from the evolution of my loo. I am very glad it is in the house now.

I have had lots of compliments on the wallpaper in this room. It is 'Emma' from Itty Bitty.

 The wonderfully detailed albums on the floor and the parchment letters on the desk are from Montserrat aka Monbio on Etsy. Her sealing wax stick and seal are my favourites.

 I found a great movie poster and in French no less of 'Sabrina'. A firm favourite. Movie and the poster!! The pitcher I got from Susie at Minieden Tienda on Etsy. She also made the mirror for me as well.

 The box of Paris memories on the floor are from Terulka on Etsy.

The Lavender is made by Marianne Cook who is also on Etsy. I adore her Lavender and have bought so many. I am now quite addicted to her Daffodils and have made a very good start on collecting those. Think I will have to do a conservatory.

Be safe, Carriexx.

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Kitchen at Last!

I thought the kitchen would be the best place to start. I haven't got a photo of the entire house yet as it is so tall it was impossible to catch it all in the cameras frame in my tiny workroom. This French townhouse I made for my niece Rebekah who recently turned 18. It took 18 months to complete. We both have a passion for all things French, Italian, old and just wonderful. The townhouse used to be an old narrow bookcase. Perfect I thought for a small bedroom. It is 144cm high. The shelf spacing completely lent itself for the towering ceiling heights of grander old homes. Not many of the walls were square or flat for that matter but that didn't bother me. I find those sorts of challenges make you think outside the box and come up with something different and new. I used foamboard, balsa and heavy card. Lots of gesso and Spakfilla. Items that I have purchased from other artists I have credited so that you may find their work if you like. If I have missed something please shout out and let me know!!

 Table by Janet Stoffel from Etsy (Minisby Jan). Chopping board by Hungarian Miniatures.

 Oil can and food canisters made by Susi at MiniEden Tienda

We are Aussie and love our Vegemite!! A must have!! Amanda Speakman (amanspeak on Etsy) made some Vegemite toast for me.

Bottle of Grand Mariner on the range mantle was made by My French Cuisine on Etsy.

I can finally show off all the glass ware I have been hoarding. This cabinet which is so lovely I bought form Villa Miniature on Etsy.

Ring cake made by My French Cuisine on Etsy. Shabby utensil rack by Hungarian Miniatures on Etsy. Another food canister from Susi. Knives from Hungarian Miniatures.

I used Lea Frisoni's staircase idea here to construct a stairway to now where. Rebekah and I absolutely love all things Art Nouveau and in particular Mucha so I added a bit here and there. This woman's face was a jewelry finding from long ago. 

Stack of books on the staircase are from Monserrat, Monbio on Etsy.

I have a rather tall space vacant now in my mini mess room. Mmmm what shall I do next?? So many ideas!!

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed it!! Be safe!!