Monday, February 11, 2013

A Kitchen at Last!

I thought the kitchen would be the best place to start. I haven't got a photo of the entire house yet as it is so tall it was impossible to catch it all in the cameras frame in my tiny workroom. This French townhouse I made for my niece Rebekah who recently turned 18. It took 18 months to complete. We both have a passion for all things French, Italian, old and just wonderful. The townhouse used to be an old narrow bookcase. Perfect I thought for a small bedroom. It is 144cm high. The shelf spacing completely lent itself for the towering ceiling heights of grander old homes. Not many of the walls were square or flat for that matter but that didn't bother me. I find those sorts of challenges make you think outside the box and come up with something different and new. I used foamboard, balsa and heavy card. Lots of gesso and Spakfilla. Items that I have purchased from other artists I have credited so that you may find their work if you like. If I have missed something please shout out and let me know!!

 Table by Janet Stoffel from Etsy (Minisby Jan). Chopping board by Hungarian Miniatures.

 Oil can and food canisters made by Susi at MiniEden Tienda

We are Aussie and love our Vegemite!! A must have!! Amanda Speakman (amanspeak on Etsy) made some Vegemite toast for me.

Bottle of Grand Mariner on the range mantle was made by My French Cuisine on Etsy.

I can finally show off all the glass ware I have been hoarding. This cabinet which is so lovely I bought form Villa Miniature on Etsy.

Ring cake made by My French Cuisine on Etsy. Shabby utensil rack by Hungarian Miniatures on Etsy. Another food canister from Susi. Knives from Hungarian Miniatures.

I used Lea Frisoni's staircase idea here to construct a stairway to now where. Rebekah and I absolutely love all things Art Nouveau and in particular Mucha so I added a bit here and there. This woman's face was a jewelry finding from long ago. 

Stack of books on the staircase are from Monserrat, Monbio on Etsy.

I have a rather tall space vacant now in my mini mess room. Mmmm what shall I do next?? So many ideas!!

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed it!! Be safe!!


  1. These pics are awesome! I know I can say this in person and all, but I want everyone to know just how amazing I think this house is. Hours and hours of creative labour, turning simple balsa, paint, paper and glue into a mini delight for the eyes. My current favourite feature - those toggle light switches!!! With the 'electric cable' going up the wall, how cool are they?! I'm very very proud to say I know you :) You do awesome work.

  2. Beautiful. I built a French townhouse from Lea Frisoni's book, but my little kitchen doesn't look as lived-in as this one. (And I may have gone too heavy on the black-and-white color scheme.)

    I thought I recognized a Vilia Miniature piece! I love their stuff.

  3. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I like the atmosphere that you have created.
    Bye Faby

  4. Good Morning Carrie, A charming little kitchen, so much to look at. love the light over the kitchen. Is that a marmite jar beside the Vegemite toast?
    It is an amazing labour of love.
    Regards Janine

  5. Hi Carrie, you made such a romantic, cosy kitchen. And I love your floor tiles!

  6. Congratulations! Your kitchen is a real treasure. I love it. Thank you for sharing the links.

  7. Absolutely wonderful... I imagine having slow breakfast in this kitchen... such cosyness and details. This is a kitchen for my taste!!

  8. It's just perfect, Carrie, well done. I bet it's lovely and cosy in the evening!

  9. Oh Deine Küche ist wunderschön geworden! Ich mag Deine Arbeiten, aber auch die Art, wie Du Dinge zusammenträgst und daraus einen Ort der Gemütlichkeit schaffst....
    Liebe Grüße Mokiba

  10. Très joli cuisine, j'aime beaucoup.

  11. Absolutely a kitchen after my own hear, Carrie! Definitely a blue ribbon. Such an interesting assortment of accessories. If anything can be called perfect, this kitchen is it.

  12. Very nice kitchen!
    Thank you for my Grand-marnier.
    mini hugs.

  13. Oh I only hope to be able to see it in the flesh sometime in the not too distant future. What a wonder you have created. A legacy to your creative talent. An heirloom to be passed down to coming generations of the family. Also, what an awesome Aunt you are to make it for Bek!

  14. LOVe your kitchen, beautiful colours and everything goes together so nicely, great selection. And your glassware collection looks fabulous.

  15. Crikey mate, you've outdone yourself this time...Admiration and drool, both in quantities. A truly beautiful creation for a lovely young lady. Congrats to Bek on her 18th - where did that time go??? Love to all from further south.

  16. c'est une très belle cuisine, avec de nombreux et beaux objets !

  17. Это очень милая кухня!!! Светлая,уютная - я очень люблю ее! Прекрасная работа!

  18. What a lovely kitchen, all those beautiful items to see, I could live here....... You did a great job, I love it!! do you not regret that you should give away? But there is place for a new creation :D
    * marlies

  19. I really adore this kitchen,amazing work!!

  20. Dear Carrie, this kitchen is absolutely adorable, and with so much space available, who knows how it will be wonderful in the whole house ...
    I am curious :-)
    Mini hugs

  21. Wow I love your kitchen. So many fantastic details. You have done an amazing job of this gorgeous kitchen. Your niece is a very lucky girl :)
    Hugs Maria

  22. The kitchen is lovely and I especially like the detail on the side of the dresser.

  23. I love your kitchen!!

  24. It's just fabulous Carrie, it looks so 'lived in', in the nicest possible way :) The Vegemite addition is so amusing - just goes to prove you can take the girl out of Australia (all the way to France) but you can't take Australia out of the girl!

  25. Oooh Carrie, it's absolutely beautiful! You are so clever! The miniature rooms you create always look so very life like!
    I'm sure your niece will be 'over the moon' with her beautiful new townhouse & how wonderful an aunt are you?!
    Congratulations, it's fabulous!
    Hugs to you! x

  26. Your kitchen is beautiful,I like the atmosphere you have created.

  27. Estoy enamorada de tu maison!
    Que bellas miniaturas haces!