Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Room Box

Good day to everyone!!! I hope this finds you well. I kept myself busy the last three days working on a room box. I really wanted to do a house finally for moi self but time is always lacking and my real life house seems to be shrinking as my boys keep growing. Where would I do it and put all my mess/stuff?!! A room box I thought would only take up the kitchen for a week or so. It's school holidays anyway and that somehow means I can slack of too.  As long as the meals are made and some one washes up who needs a kitchen table to eat off I say! So far it's still novel for the boys to not use a table for meals. Must take full advantage of that!! Plus my parents are visiting and I can palm the kids in their direction. Especially when the youngest needs fueling up with up Vegemite sangers and copious fluids of all variety's. Was nice to do something different. My Etsy shop has become a full time job and so doing something different was a welcome change. I'm contemplating on putting this up for sale in my shop as space in my RL house is in short demand. Three rooms in all. I love using rooms and doorways to draw the eye in and add more interest. Plus I think the added advantage is less furniture etc is required to fill them up.

Beautiful chair by Lea Frisoni. My favourite wallpaper again. I love it.

Teeny room at the back. A faux entrance, cloakroom or washroom? Then either a hallway, bathroom, teeny kitchen area? Into a lounge or bedroom. I am making the exterior like a attic floor townhouse. Chimney stack and all. Very similar to the Maison de Livre attic bedroom.

Must go and do some RL stuff. Laundry doesn't wash itself unfortunately. And I should try to find the kitchen table this afternoon as well I think....Maybe. There is another project I could start ;0)

Hoo roo!