Monday, September 1, 2014

Old Laurels Sitting Room

Good evening. I am nearly finished with this room. I will let is sit for a while and see what it needs. But I have put up a few photos anyway. Sorry for the quality. This room is so small that only my Iphone could fit in there.

Looking in from the kitchen. Sewing box to be filled next.

Secretaire desk full of treasures and everyday paraphernalia. Every draw is filled. If there is a draw I have to have it full of something. Took me the better part of two days to fill this and the dresser. Note to self: next less time less drawers.

Maps!! I have a love for maps. Comes from watching my dad pour over them before every trip we ever went on. I do it now when ever we are about to hit the road. GPS doesn't always work!

The shells I collected from the beaches here in Townsville. Spending one lazy afternoon sitting on the beach I discovered drifts of the tiniest shells. Some are barely 3mm across and are perfect! It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. My parents favourite books stacked on top. Hardy Boys mysteries and The Picture of Dorain Gray. The Hobbit is lying around somewhere.

Everything is glued into place. As this house will be making a journey of 1500km when it is finished I felt that maybe it would be a good idea to glue it all down. I made the fountain pen by sanding down a tooth pick. For the metal nib I just used the soft foil from a spent tea light. For the blotter pad I just used a black sharpie to fill in a bought laser cut doily.

Ah there's The Hobbit!! Along with The Bobsy Twins.

This beautiful lady will hang in the main room. The dresser is for another project. Tapping into more of my European roots for my next project which is well on it's way.

Thanks for dropping by!!! Be safe and well in all that you do!!


  1. Really gorgeous and exquisite!

  2. Its such a beautiful room,it looks so real


  3. Carrie, it's beautiful and has so much character! Fantastic work!

  4. Hello Carrie,
    When I see your posts my reaction is always split in 2...one reaction is pure amazement at the quality and excellence of your work, the other can only be compared to a kid looking into a toy shop window. I think what you have done so far is stunning and just...the only word that comes to mind is enchanting. Wonderful work!
    Big hug,

  5. I LOVE it Carrie! There's So much detail and personal references that really make this little space alive with memories! I think that it is Extra Special when cupboards and drawers are actually filled. It always adds another layer to the scene, even if most of it is not readily visible to the on-looker. Just knowing it is there is like knowing that there is buried treasure in your back yard. It can't help but make you secretly smile! :))


  6. Ravissante mise en scène,c'est superbe!!

  7. Another of your enchanting rooms that I admire so much Carrie, it has so much character and detail, like someone has just left the room, leaving a few things out of place.

  8. Oh my Carrie, everything is truly delightful - so much to see and enjoy! I hope it all survives it's rather long proposed journey.

  9. Carrie there is so much detail in this room that I spent ages just looking and looking again. Loved the Bobsy Twins book - I had them all as a child :) I must find out where you are sending this gorgeous house - what a long trip it will take!