Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Power tools are scary.

This is the back.

As with all Greenleaf houses there is no back. I made one out of luan and balsa. It sits in slots at the sides so when it is in place the slots look like beams. The roof piece is held in place with magnets recessed into the timber.

I faced my fear off an extremely sharp blade going flat chat that is aimed directly at my chest to finally get my house on a 'stand'. My sister and I splurged on a power mitre saw and using it would have to be the most singular terrifying thing I have ever had to use. It's sheer insanity when you think about what it is and it's pointing at your body mass but I did it. It sooooo make cutting timber easy and fast. Mitring corners is something I still have to work at but baby steps. The board itself is made up of vj panelling cut into three lengths and then joined together with Liquid Nails. I went with vj as it was the cheapest dressed timber and it was light. Plus it is sold in the shortest lengths, I have a very small car! I made a timberframe for the board to sit on. Screwed and glued it and then the stained framing. Great idea from Rik Pierce. House is glued on after holes are drilled in for lighting wires and then a layer of paperclay for my landscaping. The landscaping fluff stuff has arrived and I hope to get it on next week. This week it's workshopping at my house, next week it's at my sisters house. We take in turns of trashing each others houses with sawdust and other muck. She's doing the Greenleaf Glencroft at my house, my Buttercup is at hers. I am working on the Greenleaf Coventry at my house. I haven't taken any photos of it which is rather silly of me. It's been a clash of wills between that house and me. It's putting up a bit of a fight. I've also started a French style townhouse with a bookshop on the ground floor for my neice Rebekah. It will be a joined effort between my sister and me. It will be very tall and narrow so it will fit in her room. It has a little hint of magic which allows me some architectural grace. Staircases going all sorts of way kind of a thing to make it all fit. I'm very keen to get started. Luan cut, putting it all together to go!! So many houses, one day I would like to furnish one!

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