Saturday, June 4, 2011

Homemade Furniture

This is the little cupboard for the upstairs attic. Didn't really know what it was for but felt the room needed something. Most probably for clothes as I can't have a wardrobe or chest of drawers. Need a perpendicular wall for that. I haven't painted anything yet. Wanted to wait to see how everything fits before I go and add colour.
A kitchen table with a drawer. Still undecided about drawer knob. Pantry cupboard I can fill with jars and cans etc. The bottom cupboard will have painted tulle in it to look like wire.
The kitchen sink and cupboard all made from balsa. The water pump bought ages ago on ebay no doubt. The sink is made from balsa as well and then given several coats of gesso. It's great for filling in gaps. The pipe is the plastic stick part of a cotton bud and a metal bead fitted perfectly as a joiner. The plate rack is made out of balsa and the fancier toothpicks. The little cupboard is for upstairs. That's why the funny back, so it fits up against the sloping roof.


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