Sunday, February 12, 2012

Water Everywhere!!!

I haven't had too much time for minis. My Etsy shop has kept me very busy and my youngest has been home from school for over a week now with a nasty cold. The weather here gets pretty crazy at this time of the year is well. As you can see by the photo below. It's not called the wet season for nothing. Torrential tropical rain!!! This is what happens when we get a downpour. Sometimes my street can flood up to four times a day! It was just a little one when I took this picture last week. That's my bin you can see lying down on the lawn. It was further up the street and it had  floated down. I have a very nice neighbour and he has brought my wandering bin back for me many times.

The picture below is looking outside my bedroom window. There is a street under all that water. The thing is it is still very very hot and humid. This was taken at 5am and it was already hot. So I stay inside all summer and do minis!!! It's the dry season we get out and play!!! That's Autumn,Winter and Spring. Eight months of beautiful weather!!!!

So back into my cool house to do more minis!!!! I'll pop my head out the door occasionally to see if the street has gone under again and check that my bin is still in it's moorings. Hoo roo!!!!


  1. I'm sorry for the inconvenience brought by the fury of the weather. I hope that nice sunny days arrive soon for you. ;)

  2. I'm glad your Etsy shop is doing well! I plan to make it more busy at some point, as I want to put together a collection of your plates to hang on a rack in my Glencroft. I just don't know what I want yet, color wise. You make some really great stuff!
    Keep dry...

  3. Oh, so much water! I think it is very hot. I hope the weather will be better.
    Hugs from Craftland