Friday, January 8, 2016

Attic Rooms - Laurels.

A hoi hoi again. This lot of photos is of the three attic rooms. Little girls room, play area in front of the fire and the main bedroom. 

In case you missed it in my last blog post the beautifully knitted items are from Frederica, LindenRoseMiniatures. Such wonderful work. I cant knit in RL size!!! I just stab myself and those unfortunate enough to be sitting next to me. I don't know how she does it. The perfectly folded sheet sets I got from Elizabeth Slinn at StudioEMinis. There is a smaller set on the little girls bed as well as a larger set on the bigger bed. If you haven't found her blog yet, do!! 

Thanks again for stopping by! I will add photos of the ground floor next. Be well!! 


  1. Such a lovely house! Adorable!
    Hugs from Sweden/ Josefin

  2. Hello Carrie,
    Your sense of color and esthetic is amazing. The rooms are beautifully composed and the colors all work so well together. You really are an extraordinary miniaturist and I love seeing your artwork. You inspire me!
    Big hug

  3. It's so beautiful and serene. I feel like the occupant just stepped out for a second and you snuck in with your camera;) I can't stop looking at all the stunning detail

  4. Hi Carrie, So glad to see your progress on The Laurels and all your treasures. Lucky girl to have some of Fredericas knitting .. So fine. Love all the books and such pretty lace on the pillow slips. I recognize Elizabeth's folded linen. I do hope she makes more!
    Great work.
    Regards Janine

  5. Two beautiful posts!!!
    Thank you for the links!

  6. I have visited your Esty, loving your items.Now I have found your blog, loving it too. I know that I will find great inspiration for my own dollhouse project as I poke around your blog. I have two blogs; I am trying this year to grow the dollhouse blog: annsdollhousedreams.blogspot.com. Hope to see you there.

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    I've just visited this cozy,beautiful place - yes your amazing blog!!!! I am follower now!!!
    It will be very nice if you will visit my blog too.!

  8. Stunning pictures, the colors go so well together!

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