Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time for Dressing!!

The last room, the ground floor shop, has finally been completed!! Wohoo!!! Of course the lights I bought worked during every test but chose to fail as I was about to install them. Of course!! Yay to my stash and hoarding habits a new one was found although it was considerably de-brassed. so shiny. But anyways it now means I can start dressing rooms up. Painting up furniture and all that fun stuff. That's where I hit the wall. It had been so long since I had played dress-ups I had quite forgotten how to do it. Also had forgotten where all the goodies I have been buying for the last 18 months ended up. Woe! So four hours later I mostly sort off finished up the we laundry/washroom in the Maison. Four hours!! Argh, I did find most of the goodies though. Anyway it's a start so I can see what else needs doing.

The hanging clothes dryer thingy actually worked. I'm still stunned and I walk into my workroom every morning fully expecting to see it in a matchstick heap on the floor. I had no idea what I was doing and just went an old images of the real thing. 

 For folded linen I mostly used heavy paper towel and loo paper. It's all so lovely now and smells pretty.

 The box of Paris memories I bought from Teruka on Etsy.

I love these colours!!
Thanks for stopping by, be safe. Carriexx


  1. May I please come live with you? Your house is so charming!
    Actually, I am happy where I live, but Australia is an amazing place.
    I'm just a California girl living my dream for a very long time now!
    I need to stop by your doll blog too!
    I feel for Australia and hope the fires subside soon.
    Take care,
    Teresa in California

  2. P.S. I think I did mention before that my oldest daughter's name is Lavender...and I am a Nana with one grandson! Yay!
    at 'A Magical Whimsy'

  3. Wow you have put so much character into those tiny spaces it looks so sweet. Good idea using folded paper towel and loo paper in the cupboard, I am sure you won't get any complaints from the residents.

  4. Enchanting!
    I like the furniture in the corner; very elegant.
    Bye Faby

  5. Quelle ambiance ,c'est superbe!!!!

  6. It's really full of charm and gorgeous.

  7. Hello Carrie,
    Superb! Your rooms have a completeness about them that is just marvellous. I could look at your work all day. Wonderful work.
    Big hug,

  8. I love the way you decorate your rooms. I may not comment often but I never miss a post.

  9. This is so beautiful! I love the style and these soft, pretty colors - I think you have just inspired the decor of my next dollhouse:)



  10. You have the sort of knack for decorating that I absolutely adore! Thank you so much for those references to Etsy!

  11. Love your decorating style.

  12. Hi
    I love how you have finished off these two rooms. And congratulations on the clothes hanger dryer thing :-)
    It looks great.

    Best wishes

  13. Wohoo unos rincones fantásticos , me encantan , felicidades:)

  14. Ooooh! Carrie it all looks absolutely beautiful! You have a real talent for putting together exquisite little rooms!
    I must say I just adore the wallpaper, I don't think I have seen a prettier one! I really love it all!
    Hugs to you! x

  15. Muy bonito! unas miniaturas preciosas!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  16. La escena es maravillosa Carrie¡¡¡
    Todos estamos enamorados de tu buen gusto, de tu gran trabajo para las miniaturas, gracias por dejarme participar en tu trabajo con mi pequelo grano de arena¡¡¡
    Me hace muy feliz
    Un gran beso, espero ver tus progresos

  17. What a lovely blog, I'm following you now on


  18. Hi Carrie, Still a huge fan of your work. I have been away from the blogs too long. Wanted to say hello. big hugs~ Kim

  19. Hi everyone and thank you oodles!! Great to hear form you all. Be safe where ever you are around the globe!!Carriexx

  20. Hi Carrie,

    Your final details look beautiful. The wash stand is really nice and I love the little cotton balls underneath. They must be tiny. Beautiful roses and mirror too. It's so nice to have a play, I spend too much time playing and not enough doing!!

    I have just done another post and have featured your plates, I think I have done better justice to them this time.

    Happy Australia Day!!

    ML Fi xx

  21. Thanks Fi!! I'll have a look. Carriexx

  22. Hello Carrie! I love the atmosphere that your little space exude. They are so tranquil and inviting. This is a delightful place to come and visit, and I love laundry rooms esp. yours!