Wednesday, March 6, 2013


A quick post and some pics of the Salon of the Maison de Livre. 

I hadn't finished fraying the edges of the rug!! It was taking soooo long and I needed to get other things done!

Most of the books I bought from Bagusitaly from Etsy. The ones on the vintage player in the fireplace are from LDelaney also on Etsy. So well made.

 This dresser I love. It is a Petite Princess one from the 1960's in mint condition still with it's box. I think I got it through eBay.

I made these french doors to come out so that I an get into the little foyer area to dress it and change light bulbs when needed.

I love this Mucha poster. I have been trying to find one in RL size.

I still haven't finished off the ceiling treatment yet. It is a small space and I have been looking for a ceiling rose that isn't too busy. I have a wonderful 5 arm chandelier from Art of Mini waiting to hang up once I have the rose.

No knob on the drawer, I had run out of the little glass beads I use!! Argh!!

Only the book shop to go!! Actually only 200 more books to go!!!
Be safe!! Carriexx


  1. Hi.. I am new here, having come to your site via several others! But I just had to say how much I love your 'other' site as well, and I am in awe of your creativity, imagination and skill.
    And the miniatures on this blog are beautiful... you have me hankering again for another dolls house. I am down to one, due to lack of space (books take up so much room when you have a collection of thousands!) and the inability these days to make small items. So I live vicariously through lovely blogs like yours. Thank you. I think...!

  2. Another wonderful room, I love the atmosphere there is in your rooms.

  3. What can one say when faced with perfection? Your house is like a dream, Carrie! You accomplish what I can only dream of!

  4. Aaah, I'm in awe of your creativity mate, love the way you pull a room together from odds and ends and it turns out so elegant.

  5. It's really lovely, the vintage dresser is something special. The room colours are so restful, and yet you've also managed to convey a sense of 'life' and activity with all the books and other little accessories. You should be very very pleased with it.

  6. Hi Carrie,

    your house is looking divine! It really looks like the sort of place i would be happy to shrink down and live in forever. Lots of attention to detail, just beautiful!

    ML Fi xx

  7. realmente o seu blog é muito bonito.
    tudo tão cuidadosamente perfeito e delicado..
    serei seguidora do seu blog


  8. Hi Carrie
    I am SOOO in love with this house! I've said it before and I'll happily say it again - you have such a gift at making your rooms look timeless and effortless. I just wish I could do the same.
    Thanks for sharing all the pics

  9. Gee shucks everyone thank you!! Blush. I just filled it up with the stuff I used to fill up my RL house with but had to stop because I couldn't find my kids anymore ;0)

  10. Tudo é tão lindo e delicado!
    Eu adorei. ;)

  11. Very beautiful! It's elegant and so delicate. I like the atmosphere.
    Bye Faby

  12. Una maravilla de trabajo, se ve tan fino y elegante, me gusta mucho. Enhorabuena por ese salón. Divino!!! Besos

  13. It's a lovely little room and how nice to see how it relates to the others.

  14. Hola Carrie, tienes un precioso blog.
    Tu casa es tan dulce y exquisita, felicidades por tan perfecto trabajo.
    Milm besos...Julia