Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Home Again.

Home again, sigh. The three hour flight over the Tasman did not disappoint. It was just majestic. I couldn't resist taking photos of the beautiful clouds.

See the dragon head? I thought it was neat. And he's even spewing out a bit of white frothy 'fire'.

I could tell we were close to Australia when I saw this cloud formation.  This cloud is a baby storm in the making. This time of year you can see them almost every afternoon hovering just off the coast. You wonder if they'll just fade away or explode into a ripper of a storm. I love the ripper storm. But not the mini cyclone variety. That's just a bit too much.

South east Queensland coastline. 

Brisbane, one more flight to go.

I was brave this morning and opened the special wooden box that was made up for our houses. I was worried how it had traveled thousand's of km and three separate flights. That is to say being tossed on and off multiple conveyor belts and the little trucks that zip around those big planes. Phew, glad to say it still in one piece. Now to clay the outside walls, the roof shingles, the landscaping and the idea of resin for the water. How am I going to decorate?!! So different to my usual fare but what a delicious challenge!!
Easy peasy.

New Zealand thank you!!!
Be safe you all!! Carriexx


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your workshop trip, Carrie. It all looked great - glad you and the house had a happy landing. Keep us up to date on the decorating!

  2. Thanks for the lovely photos and you must have been so relieved to find your house intact! I look forward to the decorating part.

  3. it does look a little bit like a dragon, I try to knock myself out when I fly I'm scared of heights

  4. Im glad your house made it home safely. You photographed my favourite part of flying. Looking out the window to see whats happening.

  5. Home again, home again, jiggedy jig! So glad you had a fab time and you'll get to enjoy yourself more as you go on with your project. I'm looking forward to seeing progress pics!! Your darling mother came and fixed my computer this morning for which I'm eternally grateful. I felt like I'd moved to a desert island without my dose of blogland! Love to you and SL, Sus.