Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Little Room Box...with one wall and no roof.

 For photos of larger items I had been using the attic room of the Maison de Livre. It was just perfect!!! But it needed to go with the rest of the house when my niece Bek finally took the keys. Argh what to do says I. Well an amazing thing happened, my brain worked! Yes in a mathy numbers and use of rulers kind of way. I usually work in the way of mmmm a gap...need to cover it...timber bit all shabbified will do. Bingo and all done. Actually it was probably motivated by what usually motivates me, a desperate need not to do more work than I need to. I didn't want to make another room box ergh too much work!! Now I sound like my kids. So mathy numbers part of my gray matter stirred from it's deep slumber and a light bulb turned on. Before it blew out I quickly sketched down the idea. And lo and behold drum roll please, it worked. It's just a little photo studio. No walls or roof. Let's in more light that way. I don't plan on talking panoramic shots here. Foam core 5mm thick. The base is two thicknesses. 5mm from one long end I have left a chanel 5mm wide. Lots of 5mm here, not too mathy. There are two wallpapers I just lorve so I wallpapered both sides of my wall. Added base boards 5mm up on both sides. So the idea is the wall just slides in and out. I can have a choice of two types of wallpaper for my pics. The base boards help it to stay in place. Did any of that make sense?? Anyways I thought I would share my mathy moment thinking it could help out someone else. I am very sure I'm not the only one to have done this but here it is, save you some Googling.

With the green wallpaper side, I can't remember the name of it doh.

Foam board is 20cm x 25cm. Channel 5mm wide and little bit at the back is 5mm. To glue on the baseboards (once the wallpaper was on) I slid the wall piece into the channel , glued both cut to size pieces of timber and bunged them on, holding them till they dried. Perfect fit then. The timber floor is just an image I found of the net and printed.

Other side, Emma in cream I think it is.

I think it works purty well.

Fizz pop there goes my light bulb. Ahh it was good while it lasted.

Nite folks!! Carriexx


  1. Hell oCarrie,
    I think that is a great idea. Why spend time on a photo "backdrop" when there are so many projects to tackle. It looks great and does the job well.
    Big hug,

  2. Comme c'est charmant, j'aime beaucoup

  3. Good idea! The 'showcase' works well!

  4. Hi Carrie,

    Your room box is so sweet. I love the wallpaper. It looks perfect.


  5. Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing this. I must get busy on something like this SOON! :-) xo Jennifer

  6. Hello Carry,
    you can create a work of art even when it is only two walls :-)
    Lovely hugs from Italy
    Please, go re-read my comment about your bookshop :-)

  7. Great idea! Very elegant and enchanting.
    Bye, Faby

  8. Que escena tan elegante, tiene mucha clase, me encanta.
    Un abrazo.

  9. A simple construction, consisting out of two parts of foamboard. But thanks to your way of decorating it feels like a complete room and so charming! Beautiful work.

  10. What a clever find, the result is wonderful!
    Greetings, Ilona

  11. Hi Carrie,

    Too clever!!! Your method of working sounds similar to mine.

    looking at the photos you would never know it's structure, your settings look just beautiful.

    ML Fi xx

  12. It is amazing what can be achieved by using your grey matter, maybe I should try it sometime, hehe!

  13. It works wonderfully, pretty background and light all around for photos. The channel is a great stategy to assist with stability. Thanks for sharing your lightbulb moment(s)!

  14. The light bulb was 150 watts while it lasted ;) Desperation meets invention = Neat Idea!!

  15. Clever! I've been thinking of doing this...I'm already collecting things for a house I won't be building for years, but with a "backdrop" displayed between stacks of books, I can at least display my treasures.

  16. Thanks for this tutorial! I like the way your mind works!

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