Thursday, April 20, 2017

La Luce

Good evening! I hope you are all well. I had quite forgotten that I never did a post on La Luce which I did finish (well mostly, is an house ever finished?) some time ago now. I really thought I had. So here it goes...

I bought this house from Ebay some time ago I cannot remember at all when. As per usual I promptly forgot I had it (and two others like it...oops) but rediscovered it (and those two others) when I moved last year. Which is now two moves ago when I think about it, argh. Anyways only weeks after having moved in I really felt the needs to start a new project but everything was still in boxes in the garage. Which was bursting at the seems with boxes, camping gear, garden tools and all sorts of gadgets boys throw at each other. But brave/desperate I was and off I went to see if I could find anything to make. Well the universe was smiling on me that day as all my mini house making bits were in the first row of boxes! Yay! Next trick was the rubiks cube like game I had to play to move stuff around so I could get them down. They were on top of course and very heavy. Eventually got them out and went to work. I have an old student desk on castors which is great for a house project to sit on. I can wheel it away when I'm not working on it.

The railings and verandah had to go. I changed the door and added 'stone' pieces under the windows. Added trim along the roof line. Left overs from Livre. I covered the outside with fine grade spak and gave it a light sand when it was dry. I knew the colour would be hard to get right but I found an old bottle of Apple Barrel terracotta. It was dried up and gluggy but the colour was just right. I like to do washes in white after it has all dried as it helps to get that sun bleached look. I sanded some of the terracotta back to the spak and original house colour as well. I added trim to the dormer windows. The tiles are left over shingles cut in half lengthwise from a Greenleaf kit. They took the colour wash very well. I like to use house interior paints when I can. Sample pots are marvelous. Only one coat needed and easy to wipe clean if need be. I used more Livre leftovers here on the base. This is a swinging front opening house and would take some wear. So I wanted a paint that could handle it. This colour is Kidskin in Taubmans which I don't think they make anymore. Lots of dirty washes to finish off. I went with battery lights for this house. Hiding wires etc would be a bit of a challenge and no where to have the power board. I like to tuck them underneath, bit tricky with this house as there was no underneath.

 It had no walls just the staircase.  Downstairs I used 3mm MDF for two walls, I now had a entrance and two rooms. I left the staircase were it was and walled it off. Upstairs I made another hallway along the back and three rooms. 

That hallway in crazy narrow around the top of the stairs but if I were to make it as it should be then I would lose a lot of  space in the front rooms. You can't tell though when you look at the house from the front though. Only my iphone can! I added a window to the back wall. Adds interest and light.

 As I usually do I started with the kitchen first. Helps me to find the character for the rest of the house. I was drawn to the idea of a Tuscan style house in summer. Rustic and provincial. I printed out the tile floor and painted a layer of PVA over it to seal it.

The kitchen wall cupboard is more Livre bits, a bookcase base upside down. I made a door with a toggle latch.

I found an oven in my stash. I hit it with a couple coats of black gloss. Added a variety of gold findings to make it more like a La Cornue one. Made a bench to sit along side it.

The hallway tiles I made from scoring mat board and peeling away the top layer of paper to give the grooves for grout lines. Then a few layers of different colours and sealed again with PVA glue.

I love Chinoirserie! I found a print and printed out a variety of them to use on the walls. I love the soft creamy yellow of this one. I made the chimney breast out of balsa, cornice and mat board for the fireplace. I did add a window to the side here and added shutters.

 I did add a window to the side here and added shutters.

Rest of the day turned rainy so there wasn't enough light to take more photos. I'll see how the weather is tomorrow and get some pics of the upstairs rooms. Thanks for stopping by and having a look!



  1. Hello Carrie,
    How charming and beautiful. Once again you transformed a doll house into a work of art. I love the new layout of the rooms. The hallway might be ithgt, but it adds so much realism to the project. The finishes, both indoor and out, are fantastic. that tile floor in the kitchen is gorgeous. It is always so nice to be blown away by your posts...you really inspire me.
    Big hug

  2. Beautiful!!!!!!
    It all looks so real.

  3. Hey Carrie
    Sorry I've been absent for so long.
    I knew I would love this post and I wasn't disappointed!! This is simply brilliant! I love all your details, in particular the colours you use.
    An inspiration as always.

  4. ¡Que bonita casa! me encanta todo lo que has puesto tiene un encanto especial, gracias por enseñarla:-)

  5. Hey Carrie.....GREAT WORK!!! Do not compare with before :o)

    Mini hugs from vienna

  6. Such a fun little surprise - I am glad you kept it secret and saved it for today! I love the mysterious staircase - it makes it all the more fun to imagine where it goes...

  7. What a gorgeous transformation! I love how you managed to bring your vision to fruition. By removing the little porch and using textures and colours that look more "old European", it completely transforms this lovely little house. What a great job! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

  8. Hi Carrie,
    So nice to see you post. Wonderful transformation of your house - exterior and interior. You have a great talent.
    Sorry to hear you have been on the move - that is not fun. Glad that your mini boxes were at the front of the stored boxes and you had creative time working on La Luce and that we got to enjoy this post. Many thanks and all the best,
    Regards Janine

  9. Hi Carrie. Great job. What a trtransformation love it

  10. You have made La Luce at "thing of Beauty and a Joy forever"; the transformation is Incredible!
    I applaud the addition and placement of the windows and the kitchen door. And I love the shutters and the closed in stairwell, and I agree with your decision to sacrifice the hall for more room up front! Two thumbs up! :))
    But it is the Atmosphere within each room that I most enjoy. Simple yet complex. You can tell that someone actually lives in La Luce and lovingly cherishes every square inch of it!
    To me it says "Carrie Lavender" everywhere I look! :))


  11. How fun to have found the house kit at the front of the boxes in the garage when in the mood to create a miniature masterpiece. Love the changes that you have done to the building's layout...each of the rooms have charm and personality after your additions and decor. You can tell it has been lovingly created! Cheers, Alayne

  12. Es una casa preciosa! Y la decoración que has hecho se adapta perfectamente a ella,me encanta el ambiente!!

  13. I love the house and I admire your resourcefulness to create the look that that you want. Fabulous little house.

  14. Oh, Carrie, you have worked your magic on this little house!!! It is just beautiful!!! Every single bit you have added is so right.... I love it all and wish I were living there myself! :) Bravo!!!

  15. I just fell in love with this house. It´s gorgeous.

  16. Hello Carrie! Absolutely admire your work! A delightful house! So much perfection in every detail. You are very inspiring. Hugs, Julia

  17. To all you wonderful people above!I would like to thank so very much you all for your wonderful words and for taking the time not only to have a look at what I have done but to leave your comments as well. I don't get to come in and write back as often as I would like but I am always so very appreciative. Bless you all!! Carriexx