Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flowering Creeper

This creeper of mine is an unknown variety, I made it up. I knew what kind of leaf I wanted, very much like a wisteria but could see a single yellow flower so that's what I did. The vine itself is completely inspired on how Rik Pierce does his. 20 or so lengths of wire wrapping around itself. Painted over that with gesso. Then colour washes in grey, beige and green here and there. Was going to do the fluffy landscaping stuff but eh.... not so sure. The colour wasn't quite right and I would've had to buy some more. nah. So out came the crepe paper and soaked strips in watered down acrylic paint. I did four varying shades. Just added more of a green after one strip had been soaked. Took a bit to dry. Leaf punch for the well leaf. Glued them on the ends. For the flowers ages ago I had found packets of Lily of the Valley in a cheap bin. Love those cheap bins! Wash of yellow on the outside and soft pink on the inside. Glued on the end of each branch.

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