Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Pics.

I had enough light today to take some photos of the townhouse so far. It a wet Mother's Day here! I used balsa, picture framing mould and timber beading to get the architectural detail I wanted. Doing an image search on the Internet gave me plenty of ideas on how I wanted it to look.
Once glued on and set I used an old credit type card to spread on the spak. As it was setting I went over it with a small paint roller to remove any lines the card left and to give it a more stucco appearance. I applied the spak on in two layers. For the first floor stone look. I left a satay stick width between my balsa strips and glued them on. I just put the spak along the gap and just used my finger running along the top to get a nice curved look. Used the card to wipe off excess. When that was set I went over the entire lot with gesso to fill in any holes and cracks etc.
For the front I am using 9mm ply. It came in the perfect length already and for free Bunnings cut the width for me! Yay! I am hopeless with a jigsaw, much better with a hand saw but I wanted it to be perfectly cut. I'm happy and the woman at the counter gave me a chocolate for Mother's Day. Now to the task of measuring out all the windows and the front door and all the other bits! I will be putting a small sill like peice of timber out the front for the shop stairs to sit on. So the front peice will be like an L shape. As the front will be a completely separate to the rest of the house I can't put a light on the wall so I thought a Victorian style street lamp out on the footpath would be the way to go. Ruler and pencil in hand I'm off to do some measuring. Clear the kitchen table kids!!

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