Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flowers and Pots.

Today I potted. Got out my assorted collection of little terracotta pots and got them gungy. I gave them all a wash of a dark sap green followed by splashes of a lighter sap green around the rim mostly and finished of with burnt umber around the base. I would do about five at a time. Because I then put them all into a glass of water and let them sit for a minute or two. Took out one at a time and rub over them with a cloth to give it a more weathered look. Once they had dried a bit it was time for some moss and lichen using that fluffy landscaping stuff. The flowers are all made from polymer clay and sooo not by me. I got them through ebay from seller called beautifullyhandmade. She also has roses and gladioli. Many different colours and they are lovely. She's in England but charges the most ridiculously cheap postage. She also does a variety of food and charges very little. In the pots I used a ball of paperclay with a squirt of white glue in first. The flower pushed into the clay and then more green fluff stuff and PVA to cover it all up.

The rabbit is from beautifullyhandmade is well.

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