Friday, May 20, 2011

Warm Thatcham

Well I commandeered the kitchen table, determined to get my little house finished. To have one of my houses finished! I am very good at starting but my finishing needs a lot of work! I have done the larger portion of the landscaping for now. The wisteria needs foliage and flowers. I have a daffodil kit en route somewhere over the Pacific and they will be scattered around the garden. Mossy pots stacked and pile of wood for the fire, etc needs to be gathered and glued in place. A chook and hedgehog are still determining their allotted space in the garden. I have included some pictures of 'Warm Thatcham' so far. I am so looking forward to finally furnishing one of my homes! I have mountains of furniture, plates, bits and bobs that I have been collecting like the proverbial packrat for over a year and to use them finally will be lovely. I will still have to make the larger portion of furniture as the house is so small and the usual pieces of furniture you buy looks even chunkier in my little house.

Looking in through the front door.

Bay window to the right of the house. The wisteria waiting for it's leaves.

Looking throught the front door into the lounge.

Looking through the back door into the kitchen.


  1. Hey Lav - trying to get this blogger comment thing working! Here we go!

  2. Yay - OK - Love your work! Cant wait to see your next creation! L