Saturday, May 7, 2011

A French Townhouse.

Yes this is a bookcase. It did belong to my nephew Joshua and eventually found it's way into the laundry after a new bed forced it out of his room. I had been working on building a french style townhouse for my niece Rebekah. Wondering how to build something narrow but sturdy was going to be a challenge I thought till I spied it in my sisters laundry as we were trying to prevent flooding rain ruin her stuff. Perfect says I. It was very nearly what I had measured out already and with a cavity at the bottom for electrical hardware wire stuff. Shoved it in her wagon once the storm deluge had passed and followed the Arc to my place where it took up residency in my mini room. Bookcase!! How easy! How cheap! It cost $39!

A quick test with some superfine spak proved I wouldn't need to treat it first just a clean up. I loosened off the screws and squeezed my favourite Liquid Nails for extra strength. I have use balsa strips and picture framing to add architectural detail. The rooms are small yes and I will have to make most of the furniture to make it look right. There will be a bookshop on the bottom floor. It will have a slight magical feel to it. At first it will appear to be rather normal but upon closer inspection little odd things will appear. My niece is a bit of a bookworm and adores all things French. She will be off to France later this year with her school!!! So envious!! I've put in orders for various things already of course. I have already done the sides but I ran out of sunlight before I had the chance to take a photo. Now I'm stuck with what to do next. This is more what I would call usual dollhouse making, not the back to front inside out way I end up doing things. I'm floundering and flopsing around trying to figure my next step. But I'll take some pics tomorrow. It's an awful lot of fun!

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